by Jade Monkey

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Tracks 1, 2, 4, and 5 were recorded and mixed with Antonio Hannah at Freefall Studios, Sydney, Australia.
Tracks 3, 6 and 7 were recorded and mixed with Phil Rigger at Studio 54, Sydney Australia


released October 2, 2010



all rights reserved


Jade Monkey Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: I'm Ready
(Verse 1)
Looks like we're ready
Ready to fake it through the night
Mic checks and one-two one-two
It seems that it's turning out alright

(Pre Chorus)
But you work better on your own
Because the floor is yours
And I know, I know, I know it's not much
But it's better than the last lot

Turn down your friends and turn to the men
And say look I'm ready, hey I'm ready
Shake off the girls it's not their world and say
Look I'm ready, hey I'm ready

(Verse 2)
X-rays and pop teen idols
We're taking the brand new world too far
Culture's a misplaced feeling
Supposedly written by our stars

(Pre Chorus)


(Whoa) Don't change the melody
(Whoa) Now you're the property
(Whoa) Don't change the melody
(Whoa) Now you're the property

(Chorus x2)
Track Name: Smile
She's the first to arrive and always the last to leave
A beauty queen of a previous life, she's
Falling apart for the good of her friends
Her makeup may be running but her smile stays true to the end

(Verse 1)
She wakes up in the backyard
World spinning around
A little too hard
She remembers champagne and smiles
Her friends for a while
Until it all fades away

Who would've thought that she'd do it all again
Eager to impress but really just wanting to pretend away
The night and the day
She's happy if you are

She's the first to arrive and always the last to leave
A beauty queen of a previous life, she's
Falling apart for the good of her friends
Her makeup may be running but her smile stays true to the end

A little crazy in her own special way
The sun comes up but she's trapped in yesterday
You used to wonder what she thought about you
Now she's falling in love, cause she's got nothing better to do

(Verse 2)
(Dale) There's nothing wrong with her
(Nic) But now it's starting to blur
(Dale) The line between her nights, and her nights out
(Nic) Cause she's too young to have a problem
(Dale) But too old to be told what to do

One day some day one of us
Will try to talk to her about it
Talk her out of going out and trying to plan her life around it
Cause her whole life has become
One big bad habit


She takes her fun so seriously
Make the most of another disappointing week
It's getting late but she's at it again
Cause her heart won't miss a beat

Track Name: Every Word
(Verse 1)
You're on holidays, and I miss you like hell
But you're probably thinking about someone else
Maybe I should be spending my time
Improving myself

Yeah, you've been away a while
And i can't stop myself smiling
At the fact that I just can't let you go
Maybe I should just leave you alone
But I'll probably still be here when you come back home

(Pre Chorus)
'Cause you are everything that I want and I need
Irrespective of the warnings I should probably heed
I've been fed by overpowering emotional greed
But I don't think that I could stand

One more second,
Of one more minute,
Of one more hour
Of one more day
Of acting like I'm already dead
It started off as a small obsession
But time goes by and now I confess
I remember every word that you said
Would you look me in the eye
Just long enough, to make me feel
That maybe I, maybe I'm not so alone

(Verse 2)
Another day goes by
And it's just another reason
To think that having you would solve everything
Another step, another mile
I've been watching for a while
But you're still giving me a reason to sing

Sometimes I wish
You'd suddenly turn around
So I could watch all my plans come
Crashing down
So baby, listen to me
This is not what I wanted to be
The only thing is see is you

(Pre Chorus)


(Guitar solo)

Track Name: Dreamers And Schemers
(Verse 1)
I'm quite good at dreaming
Don't you know
I dream of you screaming
At my show

But a dreamer's a schemer
A no-good believer
Who's no good at following through
The dreams that I follow
Are golden but hollow
And probably mean nothing to you

Because there's no song that I can sing
To change this world to something better
I just want you listening
To these few words
But i'm not in control

(Verse 2)
I'm sitting here thinking
Thinking of ways to reach my goal
I don't need convincing
To live this life we dreamed of

But time, it has a way of slipping by
And all the chances seem to sneak away
To join another day
Along with everything else that you lack


(Bridge) x2
Don't you think we'll figure it out in the end
Another day in a life long masquerade
Don't you think we'll figure it out in the end
It doesn't take a genius to pretend

(Chorus) x2
Track Name: The Pirate Song
(Verse 1)
What's wrong with knowing that it's finally over?
Twelve long years of being no-one
That's why I won't be back again
But on that same note, at least I've had direction
But forward's not an easy road when the compass is inside

Didn't you want to be different
Didn't you want to be out there on your own
Didn't you want to be self dependent
And now nobody points you the right way

Nobody points you the right way

(Verse 2)
I've heard about the afterlife and why I shouldn't care
I've heard about how you believe that the meaning isn't there
I've learned some things I shouldn't know
That I'm not gonna share
But most of all, I've learned that all these things I've learned
Won't get me anywhere


(Guitar solo)

Twelve long years of being no-one
That's why I wont be back again

(Chorus) x2
Track Name: The Offer
(Verse 1)
I know it's time, to realign
The reason of my life, and the reason of yours
Time's moving fast, so let's make it last
So I just want to say

Go out with me
And you will see
It's meant to be, just you and me baby
Take the offer please
Go out with me, it's meant to be, just you and me baby please
Don't leave me alone, tonight once again

(Verse 2)
I tried to find, some piece of mind
My only wish is that you could be here with me
One thing i've learned is that without you it hurts
So listen to me when I'm saying


(Chorus x2)
Track Name: I'm Gone
(Verse 1)
What they don't know is that you aren't alone
You're not by yourself and you don't need their help
You try to pretend but they can't comprehend
That you just need time and then things will be fine

(Pre chorus)
You can't take back memories, you can't change your mind
You stepped out of line and then you fell behind
You want this to end, you want these things to mend
But your hands are cold, they need my hands to hold

Now that I'm gone
You can't carry on
You just think of all the good times that we shared
No it's not fair, but it's your pain to bear
And I hope some day you'll get on with your life
On with your life
On with your life

(Verse 2)
You break down and cry and blank faces walk by
You turn on our song but I can't sing along
Now that you've seen how this life can be mean
You wonder why I had to say goodbye

(Pre Chorus)
(Violin solo)